Aldama Borges, Norberto.


Borges Aldama, Norberto. (Aldama Borges; Borges y Oldama, Norberto); b. January 18, 1907 (January 8, 1908), Havana; Cuban; No prior military service; In 1927 attended José Martí University (founded by Julio Antonio Mella – later closed by the Machado regime); Moved to New York in 1928; Married; Domicile 5th Avenue, 116th Street, NYC; Tobacco Worker, Food worker, and Printer; Julio Antonio Mella Club, and YCL December 27, 1936, Spanish CP November 1, 1937; Sailed January 5, 1937 aboard the Champlain; Arrived in Spain January 14, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, Co. 1, Centuria Antonio Guiteras; Became Section Commissar after Landeta was injured in an accident; Hospitalized at Murcia in May 1937 for a gastric ulcer; After recovery he took position as adjutant commander of the 1st Company of instruction at Tarazona de la Mancha working with the Spanish Captain Valdes; Rank Teniente; Repatriated in May 1938, he had trouble returning to the US because he had no passport; Returned to the US in 1938 and was initially refused entry and had to be hospitalized; CP representatives obtained an entry visa; Worked for the “July 26” anti Batista organization in New York; Returned to Cuba in 1961 and worked in the Merchant Marine; Retired in 1974, spoke English, Italian and Spanish.
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Photographs: Norberto Borges Aldama on the right. Left is Oliver Law and center unidentified, Jarama Front, 1937. Norberto Borges Aldama, Albacete #137, CEDOBI.