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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, ALBA’s in-person institutes are being postponed until further notice.

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New York Election Day

Teaching Institute –  

Join us for our 11th Annual NY Election Day Teaching Institute –“Facing Fascism: From the Spanish Civil War to Nuremberg and Beyond”– on Tuesday, November 3rd.

In our workshops, ALBA faculty introduce the participating teachers to our extensive collection of primary-source material and work with them to come up with ways of getting the Spanish Civil War, the history of anti-fascism, and the stories of the women and men of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade into their classrooms. Over time, we have expanded the historical arc covered in the workshops, tracing threads from the conflict in Spain all the way to the present day, passing through World War II, Vietnam, the perennial Oil Wars in the Middle East, the conflict in Syria, and the ongoing struggle for social, racial and economic justice in the United States and abroad.

Who were the nearly 3,000 American women and men that volunteered to fight against fascism in Spain from 1936 to ’39? What are some reasons that may have contributed to their decision to volunteer? Why might it be that they are never taught in schools or textbooks, and in what ways do their stories challenge the historical narratives that dominate Social Studies teaching and the status quo in this country? How has their legacy been treated over the years? And why is keeping their legacy alive of the utmost urgency for young Americans?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this institute will be held entirely online.

After registration, attendees will revive materials and information to access the Zoom session.

NY State teachers that attend are eligible for Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE)

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