Peter N. Carroll Anti-Fascist Education Fund

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, with support from The Puffin Foundation, announces the creation of the Peter N. Carroll Anti-Fascist Education Fund. The goal of this fund is to expand our efforts to contextualize and disseminate the anti-fascist history of the United States through the experience of the Lincoln Brigade. The often suppressed and overlooked history of these so-called “pre-mature anti-fascists “is critical for an understanding of our history and present. Making sure primary and secondary source curations of our material are available to all researchers, academics, activists, teachers, and students who need it, will be the direct mission of this fund. We can think of no one better to honor than Peter N. Carroll, who has done so much throughout his life and career to fight fascism through education and awareness raising.

Dr. Peter N. Carroll is a Chair Emeritus of ALBA and one of the key individuals involved in the founding of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives.

He is a scholar and teacher who has taught at several institutions beginning in 1968 at the University of Illinois and including the University of Minnesota, Stanford, Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, and the National Faculty’s Delta Teachers Academy program in Mississippi. His teaching focus has been American History, with concentrations in oral history, multicultural history, film analysis, psychohistory, Americana, and creative writing. Beyond academia, he has held editorial positions at the SF Bay Guardian and SF Review of Books.

He is currently an editor of ALBA’s quarterly magazine The Volunteer and serves as a trustee of the Puffin Prize For Creative Citizenship.

He is the author and editor of 17 books, including The Odyssey of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, The Good Fight Continues: World War II Letters from the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, and Facing Fascism: New York and the Spanish Civil War. He is also the author of several volumes of poetry including the soon-to-be-released Sketches from Spain: Homage to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

We invite you to join us in celebrating Peter Carroll’s work and legacy. For those who donate $125 or more to the fund, we offer a gift of a signed special edition of Peter Carroll’s latest collection of poetry, Sketches from Spain: Homage to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

This new collection features short poetry vignettes on many of the members of the Lincoln Brigade, compiled by drawing upon the vast social history and archival work that Peter has created since he first began his collaboration with the veterans of the Lincoln Brigade in the 1970s – a fitting gift for all those who value the importance of teaching the anti-fascist legacy of the Lincoln Brigade for years to come.


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To learn more about Peter N. Carroll consult this extended tribute to his work in ALBA in The Volunteer:

Peter N. Carroll: “I’m an Anarchist.”

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