Dear Friends of ALBA,

When I joined the board of ALBA many years ago, friends, family and admirers of the Lincoln vets came together at our annual celebration.  We beamed and cheered and cried as the surviving men and women of the Lincolns gathered on stage. Each year the group we honored grew smaller, and by the 80th Annual Commemoration of the veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade we had entered the post-veteran age. Luckily, thanks to the now classic documentary film The Good Fight, we can still revisit our “pre-mature antifascists,” watching their intense life force, learning of their lifelong commitments to justice, and reminisce as they share their stories.

Narrated by Studs Terkel, The Good Fight explores a significant gap in our history through its use of newsreels, photographs, interviews with Lincoln veterans and Depression-era music. The 11 surviving veterans of the war who appear in this tough, stirring film share a common pride in their sacrifices when the rise of world fascism crushed the spirit of democracy in a tragic rehearsal for World War II. The example of antifascism captured by filmmakers Mary Dore, Sam Sills and Noel Buckner in the testimonies and images of the vets could not be more urgent to share today with our friends, family and students. Please watch this stirring message from Mary and Sam, and support ALBA’s teaching and human rights work with your donation of $75 or more. A DVD of The Good Fight is our gift back to you and yours.

Gina Herrmann,

Chair, ALBA Fundraising Committee

Gina Herrmann is an Associate Professor of Spanish Literature and Culture at the University of Oregon. She recently published Spain, the Second World War, and the Holocaust which was reviewed in the current edition of “The Volunteer”.

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