Inspired by the posters of the Spanish Civil War, this poster was produced by Stuyvesant High School students and presented at the Student Showcase dedicated to Stuyvesant alumnus and Lincoln Brigade Vet, Moe Fishman.

Betty Medsger, journalist and author of The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI, will explore the long and controversial history of the U.S. government’s surveillance of its own citizens; beginning with a look at Hoover’s FBI and concluding with the Snowden leak revealing the latest NSA operations at the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò (NYU).

The Susman Lecture is named in honor of Abraham Lincoln Brigade veteran and co-founder of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, William “Bill” Susman (1915-2003.) This series of free lectures has presented in-depth material relating to the Spanish Civil War and other topics every year since 1998. 2016 marks the first year that the Susman Lecture has been presented outside of NYC or the San Francisco Bay Area. Past Susman lecturers include Marjorie Cohn, Helen Graham, Antonio Muñoz Molina, and Baltasar Garzón, who have spoken on topics ranging from human rights and international law and to the history of progressive political activism the International Brigades.