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Peter N. Carroll explores changing attitudes about the Spanish Civil War, particularly the effect of the Cold War in the writing of Arthur Koestler, George Orwell, and Ernest Hemingway and in the responses of the veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. It also suggests how the end of the Cold War offers opportunities to re-examine that paradigm as well as the legacy of the Lincoln Brigade.

Peter N. Carroll is the author and editor of 19 books, including The Odyssey of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade: Americans in the Spanish Civil War (Stanford, 1994), The Good Fight Continues: World War II Letters from the Abraham Lincoln Brigade(2006),  and Facing Fascism: New York and the Spanish Civil War (NYU, 2007). He is also the author of two volumes of poetry, Riverborne: A Mississippi Requiem (2008) and A Child Turns Back to Wave: Poetry of Lost Places (2012), winner of the Prize Americana. He teaches history at Stanford, edits The Volunteer, and serves on various committees of non-profit organizations. He lives in Belmont, California with the writer/photographer Jeannette Ferrary.