Jack Mayerhofer joined ALBA’s Board in 2020. He has strong family ties with Spain and a deep interest in the Civil War period and the efforts of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Jack serves as the Deputy Executive Director at the Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities (AIPG), an organization that provides training, education, and technical assistance, primarily to governments to improve their policies for the prevention of identity-based violence. At AIPG, Jack Mayerhofer leads the activities of the organization’s Executive Office in Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Southeast Asia. His research interests include the role that legislators can play in contributing to the prevention of mass atrocities. Both AIPG and ALBA work to ensure that memory and memorialization of the past are used to improve how we protect and promote human rights today. For the past and the present, it is essential that we remember that individuals from all around the world, with no support from their home governments, risked their lives to fight for democracy in a faraway place, not due to any threat to their personal livelihood, but simply because they understood the importance of fighting fascism.