Peter Miller’s award-winning documentaries include the theatrically-released AKA Doc Pomus, Jews and Baseball:An American Love Story, and Sacco and Vanzetti. His musical short The Internationale was short-listed for an Academy Award nomination. With Carlos Sandoval, he directed and produced the PBS American Experience documentary A Class Apart, which is now being adapted as a feature film executive produced by Eva Longoria. Other critically acclaimed recent films include Projections of America, about a little-known WWII propaganda film team, Robert Shaw; Man of Many Voices, about the celebrated conductor,Refugee Kids:one Small School Takes on the World, and SosĂșa:Maek a Better World. He is currently co-directing Quality of Life , about the Palliative Care movement in medicine, and producing BEDLAM, a new film about mental illness. Peter has also worked as a producer on landmark documentaries including The Uprising of ’34, Passin’ It On, and the Academy Award-winning American Dream as well as numerous films by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick including The War, Jazz, and Frank Lloyd Wright.