Lesson Plans

Lisa-Jane Shuman, a high school social studies teacher and alumna of ALBA’s Summer Teacher Institute, is the author of two lesson plans focusing on Paul Robeson and the fight in Spain.

The first lesson analyzes Paul Robeson’s decision to go to Spain during the Spanish Civil War and what his experiences reflect about African American Volunteers.  The lesson makes use of the Robeson in Spain comic as well as multimedia resources from the web.

The second lesson aims to understand why the Spanish Civil War was viewed as an American problem by the people who went there. The guide makes use of the Robeson comic as well as ALBA’s Biographical Database of Volunteers.

Also available are topics for discussion, suitable for high school or college students.

Web Resources

Paul Robeson Biography (Wikipedia)

Paul Robeson and the Spanish Civil War (Wikipedia)

Paul Robeson Chronology (Bay Area Paul Robeson Centennial Committee)

Paul Robeson Timeline (PBS American Masters)

Paul Robeson on the Web (Princeton Public Library)