Spanish Civil War by Spartacus Educational
A thorough who’s who of the Spanish Civil War: from political players and individual volunteers to the International Brigades and descriptions of the battles.

Spanish Civil War by ALBA board member Cary Nelson
An overview of the Spanish Civil War through soldiers’ letters, contemporary literature, and recommended reading.

The Inquiry into the Education of Don Henry and His Subsequent Death in the Spanish Civil War – The National Archives
In the March 1998 issue of Social Education, the journal of the National Council for the Social Studies, the Teaching With Documents article tells the story of Don Henry, a student at the University of Kansas who experienced a profound political change during his years on campus. Henry became a leader in radical campus organizations, volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War with the Lincoln Brigade, and died on a battlefield in Aragon in September 1937.


University of Illinois Rare Book and Manuscript Library – Spanish Civil War Collection
The Spanish Civil War collection is a compilation of material documenting the U.S. literary and military involvement in Spain’s fight against fascism. Emphasized are the American writers who participated in and reported the events and who interpreted their experiences through poetry, prose, and art. The collection comprises about 20 subcategories focused on members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, including: Edwin Rolfe, Milton Wolff, John Tisa, Frank Lister, Milton Felson, and John Gates. It includes books, broadsides, clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, serials, and miscellaneous items relating the experiences of American volunteers in Spain. The collection contains many references to the cultural and political context in which the Americans were placed, including posters and propaganda material.

For more detailed descriptions, including background, on particular volunteers represented in the collection click here:

University of California, San Diego – Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection
Since its acquisition by the Library in 1966 under the aegis of Gabriel Jackson, the Southworth Collection has increased in size to over 13,000 books, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, posters, and manuscripts. Publications by Republicans, Falangists, Catholics, anarchists, communists, socialists, agrarian reformers, and regional political parties are all represented, as are those by Spanish exiles and partisans outside Spain. The collection holds all works by such prominent writers as Diego Martinez, Juan Negrin, Indalecio Prieto, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, and Fernando de los Rios. Also included are commentaries by non-Spanish writers of the period as diverse as Ernest Hemingway and Joseph Goebbels. (American, in English)

University of South Florida – Spanish Civil War Oral History Project
The physical collection consists of photos and memorabilia concerning the Spanish Civil War, including an original flag of the Republic of Spain prior to the war.  The collection can be viewed by visiting the USF Tampa Library Special Collections Reading Room.

The collection also includes audio created through the Spanish Civil War Oral History Project  The project documented the response of the Tampa Spanish immigrant community to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The project was partially funded by grants from the Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and United States’ Universities, and from the Florida Humanities Council.

The University of New Mexico – Inventory of the Spanish Civil War Collection, 1927-1973 (bulk 1936-1939)
The Spanish Civil War Collection consists of materials relating to the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, particularly to the participation of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and other international brigades. The material was gathered by David Gordon, who resided in New York City at the time of his death. Gordon was a member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (originally the Abraham Lincoln Battalion), which was composed of American volunteers fighting for Republican Spain against the fascist forces of Francisco Franco.

Gordon collected photographs, postcards, periodicals, pamphlets, speeches, leaflets, posters, broadsides, handbills, musical scores, and memorabilia both during the war and later. Although much of the post-war material derives from anniversary commemorations of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and relates to Spain in general through 1973, the bulk of the collection dates from the Civil War period itself. The materials are in English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Italian, and German. English. Spanish materials comprise the majority of the collection.

International Institute of Social History/Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis
Documentation on the Spanish Civil War and the Spanish resistance: three letters from Pío Baroja addressed to Conchita Martí 1936; documents and printed material on the political situation in Spain during and after the war; on the military; on Spanish refugees in France; on political parties; on syndicalism and collectivization; on the Junta de Compras of the Ministry of War; on fascism and the Falange; on the Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT), the Federación Anarquista Ibérica (FAI) and the Solidaridad Internacional Antifascista (SIA); on Catalonia and the ETA; on the students’ movement in Spain etc. (Dutch, in English and Spanish)
Spanish Civil War, Introduction
Colecciones de la Guerra Civil Española del IIHS
Spanish Resistance Collection

Fondazione Instituto Gramsci
The Gramsci Institute Foundation promotes the research of Antonio Gramsci’s work on Italian and international history, specifically the twentieth century participants in economic, social, cultural and political globalization, as well as the processes of European integration. (Italian)

Instituto nazionale per la storia del movimento di liberazione in Italia
National institute of the history of the liberation movement in Italy (Italian)

The Philatelic Association of Rouen – French Internment Camps
A philatelic and historical study of French internment camps, 1939-1944 (French, in English)

International Associations

AICVAS: Associazione italiana combattenti volontari antifascisti di Spagna
Association of Italian antifascist volunteer fighters in Spain (Italian)

Liberados del olvido: Memorial sobre la Guerra Civil y el Franquismo en Aragó
Freed from forgetting: A memorial about the Civil War and Franco-ism in Aragon (Spanish)

ADAR: Asociación de Aviadores de la República
Spanish Republican Airmen Association (Spanish)

AABI: Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales
Association of Friends of the International Brigades (Spanish)

CEDOBI: Centro de Estudios y Documentación de las Brigadas Internacionales
The Center for the Study and Documentation of the International Brigades (Spanish)

ACER: Les Amis des Combattants en Espagne Républicaine
Friends of Republican Spain Fighters (French)

Ateneo Español de México, AC
Foundation dedicated to Spanish exiles in Mexico (Mexican)

International Brigade Memorial Trust
The trust aims to educate the public in the history of the men and women who fought in the International Brigades and in the medical and other support services in the Spanish Civil War. In particular by preserving and cataloguing valuable historical material and relating such to the public. (British)

Connolly Column
Official website of the International Brigade Commemoration Committee (Irish)
The I.B.C.C. is a non party political/cross community-based charity that came together in order to commemorate anti-fascist volunteers who fought fascism in what is commonly referred to as the civil war/revolution in Spain 1936-39.

Ireland and the Spanish Civil War
The site collects articles and research on Irish involvement in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. (Irish)

Music and Video

The Internationale (L’Internationale in French) is a famous socialist, communist, social-democratic and anarchist anthem and one of the most widely recognized songs in the world.

Mourir à Madrid / To Die in Madrid
1963 French documentary by Frédéric Rossif uses archival footage of the Spanish Civil War.  In French with Spanish subtitles.

Death in El Valle
In 1948, C.M. Hardt’s grandfather was murdered while in the custody of the Spanish Civil Guard. Over fifty years later, she goes back to Spain to find out the truth about why he was killed.

Spectacle Archive – Interview with John ‘Bosco’ Jones
Jones discusses his involvement in the anti-fascist movements in London during the 1930’s and his participation in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.
Part I:
Part II:

De toda la vida / All their lives
The story of Spanish women in the progressive labor movement in 1936 and beyond.  In Spanish with English subtitles.

La vieja memoria
Classic documentary by Jaime Camino, in two parts. In Spanish without subtitles.


Newsletters and Blogs

Communist History Network Newsletter
The on-line edition of the Communist History Network Newsletter (CHNN), a twice-yearly publication concerned with all aspects of current historical research into the life and work of communists and communist parties across the world. (British)

La Guerra Ilustrada Blog – The Illustrated War Blog
A collection of graphic documents (postcards, posters, reviews) made during the Spanish Civil War by the Republicans. (In Spanish)