1. What motivated the following individuals to go to Spain?
Canute FranksonCrawford MorganHyman KatzEvelyn Hutchins

2. What connections did African Americans Canute Oliver Frankson and Crawford Morgan make between fascist aggression in Europe and violent racism at home?

3. What historical perspective did Hyman Katz bring to his role in Spain as one of the many Jewish volunteers in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade?

4. The majority of women who volunteered to go to Spain went as nurses. Why do you think Anne Taft chose to go? Describe her life as a nurse in Spain. How does it compare with Ave Bruzzichesi’s account?

5. Evelyn Hutchins made the exceptional choice to be a truck driver. Why did she make this choice? What connection did she see between fascist aggression in Europe and injustice toward women?

6. Discuss how these volunteers drew on personal experience to understand their place and responsibility in the world at large. How do these stories help us define what “conscience” is?

7. Would these American volunteers understand and appreciate Hemingway’s essay “On the American Dead in Spain?”