Klein, Albert Gerarld.


Klein, Albert Gerald. (Klein, A. Jerald; Klein, Jerry); b. January 12, 1904, Poland; Polish American; Single; Clerk and Teacher; CP March 1933 (1935); Received Passport# 363887 on February 6, 1937 which listed his address as 243 Herzl Street, Brooklyn, New York; Sailed February 20, 1937 aboard the Ile de France; Arrived in Spain March 8, 1937; Returned to the US after landing in Quebec, Canada on September 11, 1938 aboard the Aurania, he then crossed into the US; WWII US Army 1942-45; d. March 31, 1983, NYC.
Source: Sail (under Klein); Scope of Soviet Activity (under Klein); Cadre (under Klein, Albert Jerald); RGASPI (under Klein, Jerry – dob, vocation, party, arrival in Spain); L-W Tree Ancestry.