Penati, Alfredo.


Penati, Alfredo. b. July 13, 1908; Italian American; CP; Domicile NYC; Arrived in Spain In October 1936; Served with the Garibaldi Battalion, Co. 2; later in the Garibaldi BDE; Served in every action of the Garibaldi BN and from Huesca through the Ebro Offensive with the BDE; Wounded on February 16, 1938 in Extremadura; Left Spain and crossed into France where he was held in French camps; Released at the end of 1939, he tried to return to the US but was forced to move to North Africa; Volunteered to serve with the US Army in Africa; Fought at Salerno and Anzio, Decorated with the Silver Star and Two Bronze Stars.
Sources: RGASPI; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.