Sorrell, Allan Howard.


Sorrell, Allan Howard. b 1910, Russia; To the US at 7 months of age, naturalized through father’s naturalization in 1916; Russian American; Jewish; AMB; Graduated from the City College of New York in 1931 and the University of Zurich, MD in 1935; Doctor; Received Passport# 126, Zurich series, on July 20, 1935 which listed his address as 101 2nd Avenue, NYC; Served with the Medical Services as a Surgeon on the Cordoba Front; Returned to the US on September 25, 1937 aboard the Paris.
Sources: Scope of Soviet Activity; USSDA 2:0944, 60:0443. Code A1
Photograph: Frederika Martin, Dr. Eduardo Odio Perez, Dr. Alan Sorrell, Dr. Edward K. Barsky, Mildred Rackley (intepreter and chief clerk), Anne Taft, R. N. Frederika Martin Photo 1:1:32:2, Tamiment Library, NYU