Prowell, Alphaeus Danforth.


k-Prowell, Alphaeus Danforth. b. August 5, 1904, Boonseville, North Carolina; Attended college; Divorced; Teacher; CP, education director; Received Passport# 30845, San Francisco series, on August 2, 1937 which listed his address 1001 East 47th Street, Los Angeles, California; Sailed August 14, 1937 aboard the Champlain; Arrived in Spain via Setcases on August 27, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington Battalion; Rank Soldado; Killed in action April 3, 1938, drowned while attempting to swim the Ebro river during the Retreats.
Sources: Scope of Soviet Activity; BN 58 Retreats; Cadre; Figueres List; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 965, ll. 45, (Ver arch gen amer). Code A
Biography: Alphaeus Danforth Prowell was born Boonesville, North Carolina, on August 5, 1904. Before going to Spain he lived in Los Angeles, where he taught and was a member of the Communist party. Prowell departed for Europe aboard the Champlain on August 14, 1937. Prowell served with the Lincoln-Washington Battalion. During the second phase of the Retreats, around April 3, 1938, Prowell drowned or was machine-gunned as he attempted to cross the Ebro River. ~ Chris Brooks
Photographs: Alphaeus Danforth Prowell, Oxnard Union Hight School 1926, UCLA Junior and Senior year 1929 and 1930, Photographs courtesy Dawn Rolland.