Kanervo, Anton.


Kanervo, Anton (Kruth, Toni); b. October 4, 1904, Sala, Finland; Finnish American; Three years college; Prior military service in a Finnish paramilitary organization from 1920-29; Served as a conscript in the Finnish Army from December 8, 1924-March 25, 1925 in a Dragoon unit; Single; Painter; No party affiliation; Domicile NYC; Went to Canada and later to US in search of work. When the war in Spain broke out Kanerva initially tried to join the Nationalist forces. He later volunteered for the International Brigades as an ambulance driver. Sailed February 4, 1938 aboard the Chamberlain; Served with mechanics, worked as a repairman and tank driver in a rear area shop; Reported MIA later in April 1938 demanded to be released from service and given transport to France; From France he traveled to Antwerp then back to Paris; He attempted to return to the US but was denied travel papers; Worked on a Swedish ship and traveled to Hamburg, Germany; In August he found employment on a German ship and sailed to Helsinki arriving on August 21, 1938; WWII during the Winter War he served in the Finnish Military and was WIA; d. 1994, Finland.
Source: Finnish; MPE.