Kanervo, Anton.


Kanervo, Anton (Kruth, Toni); b. October 4, 1904, Sala, Finland; Finnish American; Three years college; Prior military service in a Finnish paramilitary organization from 1920-29; Served as a conscript in the Finnish Army from December 8, 1924-March 25, 1925 in a Dragoon unit; Single; Painter; No party affiliation; Domicile NYC; Went to Canada and later to US in search of work; When the war in Spain broke out Kanerva initially tried to join the Nationalist forces; He later volunteered for the International Brigades as an ambulance driver; Sailed February 4, 1938 aboard the Chamberlain; Served with mechanics, worked as a repairman and tank driver in a rear area shop; Reported MIA later in April 1938, demanded to be released from service and given transport to France; From France he traveled to Antwerp then back to Paris; He attempted to return to the US but was denied travel papers; Worked on a Swedish ship and traveled to Hamburg, Germany; In August he found employment on a German ship and sailed to Helsinki arriving on August 21, 1938; WWII, during the Winter War he served in the Finnish Military and was WIA; d. 1994, Finland.
Source: Finnish; MPE.