Raspor, Anton.


Raspor, Anton. (Antonio; Raspor, Sibirac-Siberian); b. May 13, 1899, Klana, Croatia, residing at Rjeka/Fiume, To the US 1920; Croatian; Father Martino Raspor; 3 years primary education; Miner and Blacksmith; He lived in Brownsville, Pennsylvania where he worked as a miner; Later he moved to Cleveland where he worked as a Blacksmith; He moved to the Soviet Union in 1931; CPUSA 1922; Domicile Soviet Union; He went to Spain from the Soviet Union; Arrived in Spain February 2, 1938; Served with the Stjepan Radic Battery; Left Spain in February 1939, and after crossing into France was detained in the French camps; After several attempts he successfully reached Yugoslavia; He was among the first organizers of the Partizan Formations; In 1942 he became the Commander of the 1st Istrian Company; He became one of the leaders of the Partisan uprising in Istria. After the end of WWII, he became the president of the popular Committee of Rijekaand and held various government posts until 1952; Then he worked for two years in a Slovenian wood company in Rijeka, Croatia; d. November 8, 1961 in Rijeka, Croatia.
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