Pacheo Padre, Antonio.


Pacheco Padró, Antonio. b. March 9, 1913, Ciales, Puerto Rico; Puerto Rican; Journalist; Domicile Santurce, Puerto Rico and New York; Received passport #14152 (PR 2452) on September 18, 1933, and renewed by the New York passport agency on January 18, 1937; Sailed February 1937 aboard the Berengaria; Served in Jarama with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN; Attempted to leave Spain in July 1937 and contacted the American Consulate in Valencia; Later transferred to the 46th Division, 101 Mixed Brigade, served at Brunete;  Returned to the US on September 21, 1937 aboard the Lafayette; Rank Soldado; d. August 1981, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Source: Scope of Soviet Activity; USSDA 2:0822, 58:0582; José Alejandro Ortiz Carrión and Teresita Torres Rivera, Voluntarios de la Libertad, Puertorriqueños en Defensa de la República Española 1936-1939. Code A
Photograph: Antonio Pacheco Padre, from Vengo del Jarama: Glorias y Horrores de la Guerra. ALBA/VALB.