Hagis, Aris.


Hagis, Aris (ΧΑΤΖΗΣ, ΑΡΙΣΤΕΙΔΗΣ; Hodges, Aris; Hajisgeogeou, Aristodimus Kyriacon; Kiriaycou); b. March 2, 1910, Limassol, Cyprus; To the US 1930, naturalized at some point; Greek Cypriot; High school graduate with 2 years of college; Single; Waiter and Driver; CP 1933, Spanish CP, Pankypriaki, Food Worker Local 302, Greek Workers Club; Domicile W42nd street, NYC; Sailed aboard Ile de France under the name Kyriacon Hajisgeorgiou; Arrived in Spain on March 7, 1937; Served with the 1st Regiment de Tren, 2nd Squadron; Rank Soldado; Served at Brunete, Teruel, and Aragon; Changed name after return to Aris Georgiou, married and had 3 children (daughters Jane Jorgensen and Connie Georgiou); VALB; d 1974. Christos Lazos, Dying in Madrid states incorrectly that Hagis died in Spain; Tsermegas indicates that he was killed in action on the Ebro Front.

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