Kallen, Arnold.


Kallen, Arnold American Medical Student studying in Glasgow, Scotland when he volunteered to serve in the Spanish Medical Aid Committee (SMAC) as a dresser; He travelled with the first group leaving England on August 23, 1936; He served in the Grañen in Aragon; He was repatriated shortly after he arrived in Spain due to psychiatric problems.
Source: Linda Palfreeman, Salud! British Volunteers in the Republican Medical Service during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39, Brighton: Susex Acedemic Press, 2012.
Photograph: MAC volunteers departing Victoria Station in London on August 23, 1936. Standing (l-r) Dr. Randall Sollenberger, Leonard Le Vann, Dr. A. A. Khan, Kenneth Sinclair-Loutit, Margot Miller and Doris Bird. Seated Arnold Kallen, Frank Farr and unidentified volunteer in glasses. Photograph courtesy Linda Palfreeman with identification of the volunteers by Jim Carmody.