Timpson, Arthur Edward.


Timpson, Arthur Edward. b. February 17 (14), 1905, Pernau, Russia (now Estonia), to the US August 5, 1912; Father Henry Timpson (1878-?), mother Molly Timpson (1881-?); Russian American; Graduated HS 1923, 1 yr. college; Studied Artillery theory at The Lenin School in 1935; Single (Married?); Carpenter and Timber Worker; CP February 1933 and Spanish CP; Domicile Gleason, Wisconsin; Traveled to Spain from Russia; Went to the Soviet Union in August 1935 where he was a student at the Lenin School; Arrived in Spain on May 7, 1937; Served in the Artillery, 11th Regiment, 2nd Group, 14th Battery (John Brown Battery), 155mm Guns, Commander to March 20, 1938 then second-in-command to October 21, 1938; Rank Teniente; Returned to the US on February 4, 1939 aboard the President Harding; Married Ann E. Burlak Timpson (1911-2002) the “Red Flame” in 1939 in Boston; Son William M. Timpson, daughter Katheryn Timpson (Wright); WWII US Army, Enlisted on March 24, 1942, ETO served with Patton’s Third Army, discharged November 1, 1945; d. December 19, 1976, Jamaica Plain, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Boston, Massachusetts, veterans section.
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An Encounter with the Anarchists in Figueras – by Arthur Timpson, reprint, The Volunteer Blog, posted July 14, 2015