Witt, Arthur Williams.


k-Witt, Arthur (birth name Witkowskiy Trent, Tom party name?;); b. October 4, 1907, Brooklyn, New York; Polish American; father Herman Witkowsky (1882-1933), mother Ida (Silverman) Witkowski (1884-1963); family changed name to Witt in 1916; One semester ROTC; Graduated from New Utrecht HS in 1930; Attended CCNY, transferred to the University of Missouri for one semester in Spring 1925, returned to CCNY and graduated in 1930, completed two semesters in 1936 toward a Masters degree in social work from the University of Chicago; Married Ruth E. Cizon March 17, 1930, daughter Syria Nina Witt; CP or Anti-Fascist; Received Passport# 4724, Chicago series, on January 6, 1937 which listed his address as 3830 Lake Park Avenue, Chicago, Illinois and Leadville, Ohio; Sailed January 28, 1937 aboard the Aquitania; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN; likely arrived as one of the reinforcements who joined the Lincoln Battalion on February 25 or 26; KIA February 27, 1937 in the assault on Pingarron Heights, Jarama. Witt is among the students from CCNY listed on the Memorial Plaque that hangs in the North Academic Center on the CCNY campus.
Siblings: sister Edith May Witt (1911-2000) and brother Mervin Herbert Witt (1916-2013).
Sources: Scope of Soviet Activity; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 1014, ll. 93 fiche with dod; Biographical article by Peter Witt. Code A
An Early Casualty of the War: Arthur Witt, By Bert Witt and Peter Arthur Witt, The Volunteer Blog; March 9, 2019.
Photographs: Arthur Witt Passport Photograph, 1937, and with daughter Syria, 1933, Family Photograph courtesy Peter Witt.