Corona, Arturo.


Corona Murro, Arturo (Coruña, Alberto; Corona, Sam Adams; Corona Muro, Arturo; “Coronita”); b. November 17, 1912, Brooklyn, New York; Cuban; No prior military service; Single/Married (went to Spain with companion or wife nurse Dulcea Hernaiz, who was with the AMB); Student; Domicile Key West, Florida (153 W. 22nd Street, NYC, USA); CP and Cuban CP; Sailed January 16, 1937 aboard the Paris; Arrived in Spain January 30, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, Adjutant Commander, Co. 2, promoted Company Commander after the death of John Scott on February 23, 1937; Commander Co. 2, up to February 27; Rank Teniente; Left the front and went to Albacete where he was seen wearing Captain’s rank and added ACOLB (American Commandant of Lincoln Battalion) to his signature block; May have briefly commanded the Lincolns after February 27; In May 1937, he was assigned to the British Battalion, then to the 24th BN; Accused of Desertion; Crossed into France on October 25, 1937; Sailed from Le Havre as a stowaway aboard the President Harding; Arrived in New York on November 6, 1937, his address was listed as 524 W 13th Street, Apt. 23, Brooklyn, New York; Corona was accused of stealing money from a fundraiser for the FALB; BDE records and an article published in the Daily Worker states he deserted; In 1942 he joined the New York National Guard and changed his name to Sam Adams Corona; He served in the 13th Regiment Co. C, and the 106th Infantry, rose to the rank of Sergeant First Class; Spoke Spanish and English. [Baumann states he served with American Medical Bureau and was KIA during WWII in the Pacific Theater –this information is likely from Odio Perez’s correspondence with Freddy Martin].
Source: Sail (under Corona Muro, Arturo); Americans; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 2; Opis 6, Delo 588, ll. 77-78; USSDA 852.2221/231; Voros-Jarama; Baumann; Lambe (Rosa Hilda Zell to Fredericka Martin, 26 September 1968, Folder 4, and Eduardo Odio Pérez to Fredericka Martin, 4 December 1968, Folder 5, Box 2, Fredericka Martin Papers, ALBA 001; Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive, “Arturo Corona,” (Accessed 2 September 2010). The source for the information in the profile is listed as: “Complete list of Americans on File dated April 13, 1937.”). [see Lambe pp. 148-151]; Instituto de Historia de Cuba, Registro General, Personalidades Cubanas, Fichas de Datos de Combatientes Cubanos de la Guerra Civil Espanola, RG 4.12/2005 (108) No photograph; L-W Tree Ancestry (Military record tentative under Sam A. Corona. Provides served US Army, NY National Guard, 13th Regiment, Co. C, 1942-1946; also under Sam A. Corona d. March 27, 1986, Inverness, Citrus County, Florida.