Corona, Arturo.


Corona Murro, Arturo (Coruña, Alberto; Corona, Sam Adams; Corona Muro, Arturo; “Coronita”); b. November 17, 1912, Brooklyn, New York; Cuban; No prior military service; Single/Married (went to Spain with companion or wife nurse Dulcea Hernaiz who was with the AMB); Student; Domicile Key West, Florida (153 W. 22nd Street, NYC, USA); CP and Cuban CP; Sailed January 16, 1937 aboard the Paris; Arrived in Spain January 30, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, Adjutant Commander, Co. 2, promoted Company Commander after the death of John Scott on February 23, 1937; Commander Co. 2, up to February 27; Rank Teniente; Left the front and went to Albacete where he was seen wearing Captain’s rank and added ACOLB (American Commandant of Lincoln Battalion) to his signature block; May have briefly commanded the Lincolns after February 27; In May 1937 he was assigned to the British Battalion,then to the 24th BN; Accused of Desertion; Crossed into France on October 25, 1937; Sailed from Le Havre as a stowaway aboard the President Harding, arrived in New York on November 6, 1937 his address was listed as 524 W 13th Street, Apt. 23, Brooklyn, New York; Corona was accused of stealing money from a fundraiser for the FALB; BDE records and an article published in the Daily Worker states he deserted; In 1942 he joined the New York National Guard and changed his name to Sam Adams Corona, He served in the 13th Regiment Co. C, and the 106th Infantry, rose to the rank of Sergeant First Class; Spoke Spanish and English. [Baumann states he served with American Medical Bureau and was KIA during WWII in the Pacific Theater –this information is likely from Odio Perez’s correspondence with Freddy Martin]
Source: Sail (under Corona Muro, Arturo); Americans; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 2; Opis 6, Delo 588, ll. 77-78; USSDA 852.2221/231; Voros-Jarama; Baumann; Lambe (Rosa Hilda Zell to Fredericka Martin, 26 September 1968, Folder 4, and Eduardo Odio Pérez to Fredericka Martin, 4 December 1968, Folder 5, Box 2, Fredericka Martin Papers, ALBA 001; Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive, “Arturo Corona,” (Accessed 2 September 2010). The source for the information in the profile is listed as: “Complete list of Americans on File dated April 13, 1937.”). [see Lambe pp. 148-151]; Instituto de Historia de Cuba, Registro General, Personalidades Cubanas, Fichas de Datos de Combatientes Cubanos de la Guerra Civil Espanola, RG 4.12/2005 (108) No photograph; L-W Tree Ancestry (Military record tentative under Sam A. Corona. Provides served US Army, NY National Guard, 13th Regiment, Co. C, 1942-1946; also under Sam A. Corona d. March 27, 1986, Inverness, Citrus County, Florida.