Patrone, Bartolomeo.


Patrone, Bariolomeo. b. February 25, 1902, Voltri, Province of Genoa, Italy; To the US in 1925; Italian American; Father Giovanni Patrone, mother Antonia (Delfino) Patrone; Single; Mechanic; CP 1932; Domicile NYC; In May 1937 to Spain; Arrived in Spain on June 4, 1937; Served with the Garibaldi Brigade, anti-tank battery; Served at Huesca, Brunete, Farlete, Fuentes de Ebro, Extremadura, and Caspe during the Ebro Offensive; Left Spain and crossed into France in February 1939; Remained in France until 1945 when he returned to Italy.
Sources: Cadre; RGASPI; CPC; Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.