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Brandaris de la Cuesta, José María b. September 18, 1882, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Puerto Rican; Was in Spain at the outbreak of hostilities; Served with the Republican Popular Army initially with his pre-war unit the 2nd Regiment of Coastal Artillery based at Mahón, Island of Menorca as a Teniente Coronel; Became the commander for the Island of Menorca and the naval base of Mahón; Rose to rank of Coronel and was the acting governor for the Island; In December 1938 he was promoted to General and moved to the mainland; He was in charge of the zone of the interior of Cataluña; In February 1939 he organized the retreat of the Republican Army of the East and the Ebro across the border into France; He stayed in France for three years then moved to Mexico arriving on November 19, 1941 aboard the Quanza; A military museum on the Island of Menorca is named in his honor.
Sources: José Alejandro Ortiz Carrión and Teresita Torres Rivera, Voluntarios de la Libertad, Puertorriqueños en Defensa de la República Española 1936-1939. Code A