Marzani, Carl.


Marzani, Carl. (Marzani, Carl Aldo); b. March 4, 1912, Rome, Italy; Italian American; Father Gabriele Marzani; Graduated from Williams College, Exeter College, started his graduate work at Oxford; Single; Student; Domicile Oxford College, England, and Scranton, Pennsylvania; Sailed October 1936 aboard the American Banker (to Oxford); Served with the Durrati Column on the Aragon Front; Returned to Oxford in 1937 and subsequently joined the CP; WWII: Recruited into the OSS and in 1942 moved to the State Department; d. December 11, 1994; New York; Marzani wrote a semi-autobiographical novel The Survivor and later a five-volume memoir titled The Education of a Reluctant Radical, volume 3 Spain, Munich and Dying Empires, deals with his service in Spain.
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Photograph: Carl Marzani from the dust-cover of his autobiography.