Category II A-J

Citizens by birth who moved to other countries as children or nonresident aliens who lived in the US at one time but were living in another country when they went to Spain.

  Aguiló Gil, Ramón. b. January 29, 1878, San Juan Puerto Rico; Lawyer and Magistrate; Domicile Tarragona, Spain; Returned July 7, 1941 aboard the Mexico; Exiled in Dominican Republic and Mexico. Sources: Alejandro Ortiz Carrion and Teresita Torres Rivera, Voluntarios de la Libertad, Puertorriqueños en Defensa de la República Española 1936-1939.
Bartl, Arsenio. Italian American. Sources:
Baschiera, Eugenio. Italian American. Sources:
Bruno Bonturi Italian State Archives undate photograph courtesy Zimmerman and from a Seaman’s Protection Application, January 1929, L-W Tree Ancestry. Bonturi, Bruno. (“Bruno l’Americano”; Brunelli), b. May 9, 1902, Bagni di Lucca, Province of Lucca, Italy, to the US 1914; Italian American, to the US 1916; father parents Guiseppe Bonturi, mother Annunziata (Angelini) Bonturi’s parent’s home 25 South Street, NYC; Returned to Italy in 1922 because he was drafted into the Italian army; In 1925 he was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment for subversive activities; Later returned to the US, back to Italy 1930, and 1934, emigrated to Spain and lived in Barcelona expelled from Spain in 1935; Returned when the civil war broke out; Married; Seaman; Anarchist; Arrived in Spain in May 1937; Served with the Asaso Column and later with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN; Returned to the US on February 9, 1939 aboard the Queen Mary, held at Ellis Island, denied entry moved to Chile, later returned to Italy, fate unknown. Source: RGASPI; CPC; Anarchist; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore p. 95. Brandaris de la Cuesta, Jose Maria. b. September 18, 1882, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Spanish; Soldier; Domicile Spain; Commander Naval Base Mahon, Menorca; Rank General; Returned November 19, 1941 aboard the Quanza; Exiled in France. Sources: Alejandro Ortiz Carrion and Teresita Torres Rivera, Voluntarios de la Libertad, Puertorriqueños en Defensa de la República Española 1936-1939.
Brignoli, Michele. b. January 6, 1898, Gazzaniga, Province of Bergamo, Italy, In 1922 emigrated to France later in the US before returning to France; Italian; father Felice Brignoli, mother Teresa (Bonomi) Brignoli; Carpenter; CP; To Spain October 1936; Served with Garibaldi BN, Co. 4; Rank Sergeant; Serve at Guadalajara where he led the final attack on the palace of Ibarra; Promoted to Lieutenant; wounded in action on the Jarama Front; After discharge he crossed into France and was detained in Tourelles. Source: RGASPI; CPC; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.
Bugatti, Enrico. (Bulgarello); b. January 18, 1897, Venice, Italy, to the US 1924; Italian; father G. Battista Bugatti, mother Margherita (Vianello) Bugatti; Aircraft Pilot; CPUSA 1924; He returned to Italy in 1933; Left Italy illegally again in 1937 to France from there to Spain; Served with the Garibaldi Brigade, 3rd BN; Wounded in action in Extremadura; Return to France in 1938; During WWII He enlisted with the Anglo-American troops after the Allied landings in France. Source: RGASPI; CPC; Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.
Cacic, Tomo. (Gavrilov, A. D.; Tom); b. 1896, Buzim, Gospic, Croatia, to the US in 1913; Croatian; In the US he worked in mining and forestry, To USSR in 1920.  Attempted to return to Yugoslavia but was arrested at the border. To Canada in 1924. Was a member of the Central Committee of the Canadian Communist Party.  Founded the Croatian language newspaper Borba (Struggle).  He was arrested and jailed for two-and one-half years in 1931; He was deported to Yugoslavia in 1934.  Enroute he escaped and went to the USSR.  In Russia he studied at KUNMZ.  He went to Spain from the Soviet Union.  After the war he was interred in France.  In 1941, he returned to Yugoslavia and served with the Partisans.  After WW II he worked in various Yugoslavian government ministries associated with coal mining.  He was forced out of government service in 1948, apparently due to a pro-Stalinist viewpoint.  He organized a peasant cooperative in the area of Osijek, Croatia; d. September 8, 1969 in Visnjevac, Osijek, Croatia. Sources:  Biographical Sketch John Peter Kraljic.
Calosso, Umberto. b. September 23,1895, Helveglio, Province of Asti, Italy; Italian; father Matteo Calosso; Teacher and Journalist for Giustizia e Liberta ; Activist in the period following WW I; editor of Ordine Nuovo (New Order), the periodical directed by Antonio Gramsci, Persecuted by the Italian Fascist regime and in 1923 tried together with other journalists; In 1931 left Italy going to Malta and then to various European countries, African nations, and America; Worked as a publicist and propagandist; In the meantime adheres to the movement of Giustizia e Liberta by sending correspondence to papers and journals of the movement; In July 1936 was already in Spain to present lectures at a conference in Barcelona; Took part in the fight in Barcelona; Then assisted Carlo Rosselli in the formation of the Column Italina an experience which he chronicles. Leaves Spain due to an illness at the end of 1936; WWII helped produce Radio programs directed from London to Italy; In the post-war joins the Italian socialist party is elected to parliament and is a recognized political leader; Died 1959. La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore
Carlson, Arvid. Born in Pittsburg, PA, grew up in Canada. To Spain from Canada. buried in Murcia Tombe 14 on January 18, 1938. Sources: Myron Momryk; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 2, Delo 128, ll. 14.
Cattani, Isaiah. b. December 6, 1900, Sovizzo, Province of Vicenza, Italy, To the US in 1906 with Family, later moved to France; Italian; father Riccardo Cattani; Leather Worker; Socialist. In Spain before the end of 1936; Served in the XV BDE, Dimitrov BN, Italian Company; later to the Garibaldi Brigade as a cook. anarchist periodical La Protesta Umana and conducted intense political activity. Source: RGASPI;Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 491, ll. 170; Anarchist, CPC busta 1243; Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore; La Spagna nel nostro cuore, 132; and “Italiani caduti in Spagna,” 120.
Cremades Fons, Juan José. b. 1902, San Juan, Puerto Rico Lawyer; Domicile Alicante, Spain; Subsecretary in the Government,  Returned May 21, 1942, Nyassa; d. 1959, Mexico. Sources: Alejandro Ortiz Carrion and Teresita Torres Rivera, Voluntarios de la Libertad, Puertorriqueños en Defensa de la República Española 1936-1939.
Dapello, Giovanni. b. June 7, 1895, Alghero, Province of Sassari, Italy, To the US at an unspecified time; Italian American; father Giuseppe Dapello, mother Barbara (Ruiu) Dapello; Maritime worker; In 1932 he was expelled from the US and deported back to Italy; In 1936 he fled Italy and went to Spain; Served with the Garibaldi BDE, 2nd BN; Co. 2; Wounded in action at Huesca; Later with Garibaldi 3rd BN, Co. 4; Later with Garibaldi 3rd BN, Co. 4; Crossed into France in February 1939, and was placed in the concentration camps of Argelès-Sur-Mer, Gurs, and Vernet; Repatriated to Italy in 1942 where he was sentenced to internal exile and confined in Nuoro. Source: RGASPI; CPC; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.
Diaviach, Riccardo. b. May 14, 1905, Pula, Croatia, to the US in 1922. Sources:  Biographical Sketch John Peter Kraljic.
Samuel “Sally” Dormits,  undated, from Dutch Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. Dormits, Samuel Zacharias. (Sally); b. October 2, 1909, Rotterdam (Phladelphia, PA)
Feldman, Louis. b. May 9, 1903, Bethnal Green, England; British; Lived in the US 1904-1931 (?); while in the US he lived at 917 E. 178th Street, Bronx, New York; In Spain he served as an Ambulance Driver; Later XV BDE, BDE Sanidad;  XV BDE, British BN; 15th Corps Sanidad Sources:
Fernandez Torres, Jesús. b. December 24, 1891, Puerto Rico; Puerto Rican; Emigrated to Vigo, Spain in 1899, Married with two children; Domicile Barcelona; Joined the military on October 9, 1936 initially served with the Marx Column, Centuria Batanal; Later transferred to the 20 Division, 159th BDE, Sanidad; Indicated he planned to remain in Spain. Source: RGASPI, Fond 545 Opis 6, Delo 829; ll 31-33;  List of additional Puerto Rican volunteers from José Alejandro Ortiz Carrión.
Fitzsimmons, William G. Ryan. (Fitz Ramsay); b. June 25, 1895, Dundee, District of St. Clements, Scotland; Scottish American; Possible prior military service in US Marines before WWI; Married; Cook; Domicile Chicago, Illinois; He was deported to Dundee, Scotland with an address arriving in the UK on June 7, 1936 aboard the TSS Tuscania; Served with the XV BDE, British BN (?); Carmody notes a Fitzsimmons, William Ramsay, Scottish born, and had lived in the US, left for Spain from London, repatriated from Spain to UK on September 7, 1937, likely same volunteer. Sources: Carmody; L-W Tree Ancestry.
Fontana, Ettore. (“Jerry”); 27 years old; Italian American (not a citizen, left the US illegally without giving notice); Laborer and Miner; Travelled to Spain through France, Italy and France again; Arrived in Spain October 26, 1936; Served with the XII BDE (XI), Thaelmann BN, Co. 1; Fought at Las Rosas, Casa del Campo and Jarama; WIA at Jarama; Deserted before Boadilla; After recovery from wounds worked in a hand grenade factory. Sources: RGASPI; Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.
Gabriele, Blagio. b. June 1, 1895, Aeri, Province of Cosenza, Italy, To the US 1922; Italian American; father Michele Gabriele, mother Teresa (Petrone) Gabriele; Farmer and Barber; Anarchist; Later expelled from the US and moves to Spain in 1934; Arrested for his ties with anarchists; Joined the militia at the outbreak of the civil war later transfers to the Garibaldi BN; Served at Cerro de los Angelse and wounded in action; Later to XIII Army Corps of the Levant Front, XIII Mobile Brigade. Wounded in action in the head; In March 1939 he left Spain by boarding a ship in Valencia that took him to Oran. Sources: CPC; Anarchist; Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.
Gacinovic, Vojislav. b. 1895, Kacanj, Bileca, Bosnia Herzgovina, to the US in 1926; Serbian; His brother Vladamir headed Young Bosnia, which organized the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914; Back to Yugoslavia in 1932; To Spain from Yugoslavia.  After Spain he returned to the US; Following WWII he was ordained as a Serbian Orthodox Priest; d. December 19, 1980, Yugoslavia. Sources:  Biographical Sketch John Peter Kraljic.
Gramc, Janez. b. 1907, US; South Slav; Left the US as a child and lived in Belgium; Belgian CP 1935; Went to Spain from Belgium Arrived in Spain November 15, 1936; Served with the Dombrowski and Dimitrov BNs. Sources:  Biographical Sketch John Peter Kraljic.
Harris, Ernest. South Slav; Lived in NYC in the early 1930s before going to the USSR; To Spain from Belgium; Killed in action at near Teruel in 1938. Sources:  Biographical Sketch John Peter Kraljic.
Jilc/Gilli, Antonio. b. January 24, 1896, Fazana/Fasana D'Istria, Croatia; Italian or Croat; father Stefano Jilc/Gilli, mother Caterina (Cettina) Jilc/Gilli; Maritime Fisherman; Communist; embarked on the ship Edda, jumped ship in San Francisco in 1924; Unable to obtain a permit to stay in the USA so he went to France; To Spain November 1936; Initially served with the unit headed by Picelli, later transfers to the Garibaldi battalion and later to the Garibaldi Brigade; Remembered by all for the cheerfulness with which he played his accordion. Returned to France and confined, was deported back to Italy and sentenced to internal exile; Later became a partisan fighter in the Yugoslav Liberation Army; Captured by the Nazis, he was deported to Mauthausen, where he died. Sources: La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.


RGASPI; CPC; Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.

k-Centrone, Michele. b. December 30, 1879, Castellana Grotte, Province of Bari, Italy, To the US 1905; Italian; father Antonio Centrone, mother Rosa (Baccarelli) Centrone; Carpenter; Anarchist; Domicile San Francisco; Deported to Canada; Left for Spain from Paris shortly after the outbreak of the civil war, among the first volunteers; Served with  the Italian Francisco Asco Column led by Carl Rossi; Killed in action on August 28, 1936, at Monte Pelato on the Aragon Front; Politically active since the end of the last century, He collaborated with the