Moved to the United States after the Spanish Civil War


  Abrahmson, Sam. Canadian veteran living in the US.
Acker, Leon. Polish veteran. The last name on the stowaway list was Leon Acker.  He was a stateless "Hebrew" born in Warsaw, Poland.  He looks to have been sent to Hospital with no further info.  He gave the FALB in NY as his contact so he was a Lincoln.  He was born in 1910. Acker had also stowed away on the President Roosevelt arriving May 25, 1939.  He was deported out after that sailing but came back on the Manhattan in August.
Beamud, Antonio. Spanish veteran; Pilot, living in the US.
Bernardini, Egidio. b. October 20, 1910, Trieste, Italy, left Spain in 1936 to various countries; Italian or South Slav; father Antomo Bernardini, mother Marta (Scherdon) Bernardini; Maritme Worker; Anarchist; Active in the Anarchist originations of Trieste as a youth he was arrested in 1933 and condemned for trade union activity; Served in the Italian Column in Spain; Served at Huesca and wounded in action; Assigned to the Military Clinic No. 3; After the war he emigrates to the USA where he continued to be active in anarchist activities. Source: CPC, Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuorep. 77.
Botello, Angel. Spanish; b. 1913, Villa de Cangas de Morrazo, Galicia, Spain; Educated at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France; School of Art of the San Fernando Academy, Madrid; Single; Artist; Served with the Republican Army as a Cartographer; d. November 11, 1986, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sources:
Bräuning, Karl. b. 1886, Germany; SPD 1906, later USPD, Spark and KPD, worked in clandestinely for KPO before going to France, escaped GPU prison in Spain with Bolze, on arriving in France rejoined SPD, he went to USA in 1941 d.1962 Sources: International Volunteers in the POUM Militias Andy Durgan See also (Pagès p.390); on recruitment Mühlen p.62 Sept. 36; in Air Industry ibid p.65; mentioned in Solidaridad Internacional; KPO, in Preventario Judicial de Colell, Girona; (also see The Spanish Civil War. The view... p.344).