Christodoulo, Constantino.


k-Christodoulo, Constantino (Christos; Samares, C. G.); b. Rizokarpaso, Famagusta District, Cyprus; Cypriot; WWI with British Army; Opened a shop in Cyprus after the war; Forced to close and moved to the US; CPUSA; NYC and C/O San Francisco; Sailed January 16, 1937 aboard the Paris; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln and Lincoln-Washington BN, Later with the Dimitrov BN; Served at Jarama, Brunete, and Belchite; Killed in action on August 31, 1937, Aragon Front.
Source: Cypriot; Ross.
Photograph: Christos Christodoulou, Greek Volunteers in Spain, Memorial Album, New York: Spartacus.