Melnicoff, Edward N..


Melnicoff, Edward Nathaniel. b. December 13, 1911, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Father John Melnicoff (1885-1942) and Sallie Melnicoff (1886-1963), parents Russian immigrants; Jewish; Debs Column; PHD from Penn State; Single; Socialist Party 1934; Domicile 1505 68th Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Sailed February 17, 1937 aboard the President Roosevelt; Served in Transportation; Returned to the US on August 15, 1937 aboard the Britannic; WWII US Army, Rank Private, served in England; Married Jean MacLeod (1920-1991) in September 1945, in Kidderminster, Worcestshire, England, Seven children including daughter Sallie Melnicoff (1946-1999); d. June 17, 1973, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Siblings: sister Miriam (Olga) Melnicoff (1915-1978).
Sources: RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 849, ll 24, List of American Comrades that have been Repatriated as per October 15 1937; Opis 6, Delo 946, ll. 23 (ver ar gen amer); L-W Tree Ancestry. Code A
Photographs: Edward Melnicoff, undated, family photographs second is taken during medical school 1953.