Rushdi, Emin.


Emin, Rushdi (Tommy); (Rushdi, Emin; Emin, Tom); b. March 10, 1900, Trestinik, Albania; To the US 1916; Albanian American; Father Alfred Emin, mother May Emin; Married to Pauline Klos (1888-1972); No prior military service; Married Pauline Klos Emin in 1928; Driver; Domicile Detroit, Michigan; CP March 1932, unit organizer; Sailed March 31, 1937 aboard the President Harding; Served with the Regt. de Tren; Returned to the US on October 23, 1938 aboard the Britannic; Divorced April 28, 1944; May have been deported.
Sources: Sail; RGASPI Questionaire for transfer to the CPS, Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 85, ll. 41-42 (under Emin, Tom); Letter from Don Mac Leod to Adoloph Ross dated April 6, 1984; L-W Tree Ancestry.