Montanarella, Felice.


Montanarella, Felice. (Benice Montanarell), b. May 19, 1903, Melfi, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy, to the US (Philadelphia) in 1921 from Melfi, Italy at age 17, Naturalized in Jersey City, New Jersey on April 8, 1930; Italian American; mother Bernice V. Burns (1906-1995); Single; Shoemaker; CP 1929 (1930); Received Passport# 31026 , San Francisco series, on August 12, 1937 which listed his address as Front Street, Merced, California (1825 Golden Gate, San Francisco, California); Arrived in Spain via Massanet on September 5, 1937; Deserted to France but returned in order to obtain his passport, caught and brought up before the judiciary committee, Sent to Mahora and on November 12 assigned to the Intendencia, in January was at Villa Maruja; Deserted a second time on January 19, 1938 from Villa Maruja he was arrested and sent to the Guardia Nationale then to Casteldefels; Returned to the US on June 24, 1938 aboard the Washington; Married Bernice Vaught Burns (1906-1995) on January 31, 1946 in Garland, Arkansas; d. December 11, 1967, Santa Clara, California, buried Mission City Memorial Park, Santa Clara, California; Carl Geiser apparently incorrectly indicates that he was only in Spain for one week; Right after he received citizenship in 1930 he returned to Italy using passport#210396 with an address of 56 Logan Aveny, Jersey City, NJ he came back to the US on September 1, 1930 aboard the Roma.
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