Montanarella, Felice.


Montanarella, Felice. (Benice Montanarell), b. May 19, 1903, Melfi, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy, to the US (Philadelphia) in 1921 from Melfi, Italy at age 17; Naturalized in Jersey City, New Jersey on April 8, 1930; Italian American; Mother Bernice V. Burns (1906-1995); Single; Shoemaker; CP 1929 (1930); Received Passport# 31026, San Francisco series, on August 12, 1937 which listed his address as Front Street, Merced, California (1825 Golden Gate, San Francisco, California); Arrived in Spain via Massanet on September 5, 1937; Deserted to France but returned in order to obtain his passport, caught and brought before the judiciary committee; Sent to Mahora and on November 12 assigned to the Intendencia, in January was at Villa Maruja; Deserted a second time on January 19, 1938 from Villa Maruja, he was arrested and sent to the Guardia Nationale then to Casteldefels; Returned to the US on June 24, 1938 aboard the Washington; Married Bernice Vaught Burns (1906-1995) on January 31, 1946 in Garland, Arkansas; d. December 11, 1967, Santa Clara, California, buried in Mission City Memorial Park, Santa Clara, California; Carl Geiser apparently incorrectly indicates that he was only in Spain for one week; Right after he received citizenship in 1930 he returned to Italy using passport#210396 with an address of 56 Logan Avenue, Jersey City, NJ he came back to the US on September 1, 1930 aboard the Roma.
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