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Ferrari, Vittorio b. February 10, 1902, Ortonovo, Province of Spezia, Italy, To the US 1923 aboard the Conte Rosso; Italian American; father Giuseppe Ferrari, mother Virginia (Lorenzini) Ferrari; Farmhand; Domicile NYC?; Arrives in Spain December 24, 1936; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN; :Promoted to the rank of Captain; Served at Arganda, Brunete, Villanueva de Canada, and Villanueva del Pardillo; Wounded in action at Villanueva del Pardillo in August 1938?; Left Spain in 1939 and crossed into France where he was confined; Transferred February 1939 to Italy where he was sentenced to internal exile; WW II became a sergeant and interpreter for the US Fifth Army; at the end of the war he was a lieutenant mayor of Ortonovo; Was an active antifascist before emigrating to the US and suffered numerous beatings at the hands of Fascist.
Source: La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.