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Fonda, Guerrino (Guillermo, Guillermo Farnes, Farnes Malo); b. April 8, 1904, Oiran/Pirano, present-day Slovenia, To the US 1931; South Slav; father Antonio Fonda, mother Caterina (Bucevaz) Fonda; Maritime worker; Domicile NYC; Anarchist and Comunista; Sailed December 26, 1936 aboard the Normandie; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN; Was among the IB who volunteered to fight a rear guard action in Catalonia; Crossed into France and returned to the US on  (Denied June 8, 1939 aboard the Washington, he was barred from re-entry into the US and deported on December 8, 1939 aboard the Santa Clara..
Sources: RGASPI; CPC; Anarchist; South Slav; Italian; Zimmerman; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore; Italian-American Volunteers From Istria and The Slovenian Hinterland of Trieste, From Appendix E in John Peter Kraljic’s The Croatian Community In North America and the Spanish Civil War; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.
Photograph: Guerrino Fonda, undated, Photograph Italian State Archives courtesy Zimmerman. Fonda, Guerrino. (Guillermo, Guillermo Farnes, Farnes Malo), b. April 8, 1904, Piran, Slovenia, To the US in 193, Denied re-entery into the US; Possibly Guillermo Farnes Malo.