Esposito, Giusseppe.


Esposito, Giuseppe b. 1895. Oriona, Province of Chieti, Italy; To the US illegally in 1925; Italian American; Maritime worker; Anarchist; Well-known antifascist in Italy; To Spain in September 1937; Served in the Service Sanitaire of the IB; Departed Spain for the United States via France on September 12, 1938.
Source: Anarchist, La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore; “[R]eati contro la proprieta' e le persone” in “Giuseppe Esposito,” CPC busta 1895.
Biography Anarchists Pietro Fusari and Giuseppe Esposito were in their mid-twenties when Italian authorities began to track their activities. Specifically, the police suspected that Fusari provided weapons to workers during the sit-down strikes that swept Italy’s industrial heartland in September 1920. A year later he was arrested but subsequently released for lack of evidence following the anarchist bombing in Milan. Esposito’s police records state that he had proven himself a “dangerous antifascist,” “capable of violent and uncontrolled actions,” who consequently was arrested and sentenced for “crimes against property and individuals.”