Tabb, Herman Leon Hy Kaim.


Tabb, Herman Leon Hy Kaim. ("Hy," Tabnik; Tabachnick, Herbert Leon Kaim (Chaim) Tabb; Herman Talb); b. May 15, 1913, Ukraine, Russia; Russian-Ukrainian-American; Jewish; Father Asar Tabb (1891-?), mother Masia Brodsky (1895-?); Attended the University of North Carolina, graduate work at the City College of New York, and the Lewis Institute of Technology in Chicago 1929-35; Single; Printer; CP September 1935; Domicile 534 Cleveland Street, Brooklyn, New York; No Passport issued, was not a citizen; (stowaway to Europe) Arrived in Spain Massanet on February 2, 1938; Trained with the 2nd BN of Instruction; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, Co. 1 and Co. 2; MG leader, Section Leader, and Peleton Leader; Rank Cabo and party secretary; Served at Retreats and the Ebro Offensive; Returned to the US on May 10, 1939 aboard the Ile de France; Married Rose Barbara Dallett (1905-?) on September 16, 1940 in NYC; d. August 10, 2007, NYC.
Sibling: sister Sallie Tabachnick (1919-?).
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