Katnic, Ivan.


Katnic, Ivan b. 1888, Crikvenica, Croatia; To the US in 1936; Croatian American; Completed primary school; Fisherman and Construction Worker; Non-partisan, 1933 trade unionist; Domicile San Pedro, California; Arrived in Spain on May 30, 1937; Served with the 2nd Artillery Unit of the XI BDE; Took part in Central and Aragon Front; April 11, 1938, was ill and was sent to the Base of the International Brigades; Returned to the US on October 1, 1938, aboard the Paris.
Source: South Slav; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 1527, ll. 11 (in Cyrillic #474); Spisak, in Spanija, 5 : 532; Nasi Spanjolki, 162; L-W Tree Ancestry.