Koumoullous , Jacovos .


k-Koumoullos, Jacovos. (Michael; Koumoullou; Koumolou, Jacobes); 40 years old, b. Nicosia District, Cyprus; Cypriot; Pankypriaki, Unemployed Worker’s Alliance; NYC; Sailed February 20, 1937 aboard the Ile de France; Arrived in Albacete on March 17, 1937; Trained at Madrigueras March 18 to May 4, 1937; Served with the Djakovic BN, May 4 to September 26, 1937; Then to the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN; Rank Soldado; Served at Brunete, Saragossa, Aragon, Teruel, and the Retreats; Incorrectly reported killed at Saragossa in September 1937, he was actually wounded in the head, Hospital in Benicasim until February 1938; MIA April 1, 1938, Gandesa, during The Retreats (believed that he died between April 4-5); Brother contacted the State Department regarding his fate.
Source: XV BDE; BN 58 Retreats; Cypriot; USSDA (under Koumoullos, Jacob) 2:0695, 56:0646.
Note: Jim Carmody: "I cannot find at the moment , a note I made from the IB Assoc. correspondeance files re Michael Jacoves Koumollou, to an inquiry regarding him except he survived." Will wait to make sure same vol. 8/2004