Digat Manuel, Jesus de.


k-Digat Manuel, Jesus de (Digat, Manuel); b. January 28, 1910, Cienfuegas, Cuba; Cuban; High School in Cuba; Two years of college preparatory school in Cuba; No prior military experience; Single; Metal Worker, Electrician and Machinist; YCL December 1929 to April 1935, Julio Antonio Mela Club NY, Metal Workers Union; Domicile 2000 Madison Avenue, NYC, USA; Sailed June 4, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Mackenzie- Papineau BN, QM Armorer; Promoted to Sargento; September 9, 1937; Serving in the Battalion of Instruction, Estado Mayor as of March 13, 1938, likely returned to the front during The Retreats; Promoted to Teniente April 26, 1938; WIA at Teruel; Served at Aragon, Teruel, Retreats and Ebro Offensive; Killed in action August 1938, Sierra de Pàndols, Ebro Offensive.
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