Alvarez Calvet, Joaquin.


Álvarez Calvet, Joaquín (Calvet-Alvarez); b. March 1, 1913, Tampa, Florida; Spanish American; POW; Had returned to Spain prior to the outbreak of the war; Joined the Republican Army; Served in Communications; Captured at the fall of Gijon; Brought to San Pedro de Cardena prior to July 1938; Exchanged April 22, 1939; Returned to the US on May 23, 1939 aboard the Champlain (or May 20, 1939 aboard the President Roosevelt.) William Carney's article published on April 23 in the New York Times contains his name inverted as "Alvarez Calvett Joaquin" along with names of other "Reterrados" such as "Marshall Garcia Menendez"(Marcelino García Menendez), and"Rodriguez Serino Diaz" (Certino Rodríguez Díaz).
Source: POW; Reterrar. Code A