Takacs, John Joseph.


Takacs, John Joseph. b. December 30, 1912 (Alcsútdoboz), Fejér, Hungary, to the US in 1928, Nationalized in Sacramento, California post Spain; Hungarian; Father John Takacs, Mother Anna Gyokeres Takacs; Driver; Domicile 2318 East 117th Street, Cleveland, Ohio; Upholsterers, Carpet and Linoleum Mechanics Union, AFL, Hungarian Workers Singing Society; Traveled on a Hungarian Passport under the name Janos Katacs; Sailed March 10, 1938 aboard the Washington; Arrived in Spain April 22 (29), 1937 after spending a month in a French jail; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln- Washington BN, Co. 1, later with Auto Park and Service Saniterio; Rank Brigada, May 13, 1937; Served at the Ebro; WIA September 10, 1938, Corbera, hit in legs and thigh, in hospital Iguleda 2 months, Reus 4 days, and Villanuevara for 1 week; While in the Auto Park he took an ambulance and attempted to desert across the French border on April 30, 1938, was arrested; Returned to the US on August 31, 1939 along with his brother as a stowaway aboard the Manhattan; Held at Ellis Island; WWII US Army, 1943 to 1945, d. May 11, 2002, Cleveland, Ohio, buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Brook Park, Cuyahoga County Ohio; Wife Emma Schuster Takacs, son John J. Jr., daughter Judy (Ron) Hollis; Brother of Joseph Takacs.
Siblings: brother Jospeh Paul Takacs.
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