Cookson, John Wilhelm.


k-Cookson, John Wilhelm b. April 21, 1913, Cobb, Iowa County, Wisconsin; Father Alfred Cookson b. Jan. 10, 1889, Stackport, England; Single; Teacher; Graduate Assistant at the University of Wisconsin; CP; Received Passport# 361547 on January 14, 1937 which listed his address as 701 West Johnston Street, Madison, Wisconsin; Sailed January 23, 1937 aboard the Champlain; Served with the XV BDE, Washington BN, Estado Mayor, Transmissions; Later to BDE Transmissions; Rank Alferez; Killed in action September 12, 1938, Sierra Caballs, Ebro Offensive; Buried in Marsa, Spain; His grave was maintained and hidden from authorities during the Franco Regime.
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Photographs: John Cookson, Passport Photograph, 1937; Wisconsin volunteers (standing) Fred Palmer, John Cookson, and Clarence Kailin. Photograph Clarence Kailin, ALBA/VALB.