Selligman, Joseph A., Jr..


k-Selligman, Joseph A., Jr.(used the name Frank Neary to enter the IB; Sligman; Selligman, Frank); b. December 25, 1916; Jewish; Senior at Swarthmore College; CP or AntiFascist; Received Passport# 350380 on October 29, 1936 which listed his address as 1415 Willow Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky; Arrived in Spain in January 1937; Served with the XV Brigade, British Battalion, Estado Mayor, Interpreter; WIA Jarama, on February 12, 1937, he was wounded in the head and died on February 20, in Hospital de Sangre de Colmenar de Oreja (Aranjuez) Hospital.
Sources: Scope of Soviet Activity; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 985, ll. 6-8 includes a request for a copy of death certificate; Selligman Papers ALBA 296, USSDA 2:0916, 60:0110.
Photograph: Joseph Selligman, Jr. Swarthmore Phoenix, Yearbook 1936, same photograph appeared on the front page of the Swarthmore Phoenix on March 16, 1937 announcing Selligman's death in combat.