Smolka, Joseph.


Smolka, Joseph. b. January 13, 1900, Staunton, Illinois; Single; Coal Miner; CP 1933 and Spanish CP, unit org.; Received Passport# 380665 on March 30, 1937; Domicile Staunton, Illinois; Sailed May 10 (?), 1937 aboard the Importer; Arrived in Spain via Llansa on June 1, 1937; Served with the Albacete Auto Park, Mechanic; Father inquired about son was advised that Smolka “. . . disappeared, when he ran his truck into a spot that was being surrounded by the insurgents and from which the Loyalists were retreating. They say that he left his truck and started after the retreating forces, but when the next stop was reached, he was not there.”: His fate is not clear.
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