Dominguez Pazos, Juan.


Domínguez Pazos, Juan (John), b. November 5, 1902, Ponce, Puerto Rico; To NYC, unknown date; Puerto Rican; Prior military service 3 years; Single; Seaman (NMU) and Painter; Domicile 39 Cherry St., NYC; CP, ISU; Sailed January 1937 aboard the Lafayette; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, Co. 1; WIA Feb, 23, 1937, Jarama; 10 months in hospital; Transferred December 7, 1937 to 63rd Division, 86th BDE, Base, as an Instructor; On December 31, 1937 was appointed Adjutant Commander to the 20th BN, in the Pozo Blanco sector; May 1, 1938 transferred to the 8th Corps, 191 Mixed Brigade, served as Adjutant Commander; Rank Teniente [63rd Division]; Was unable to obtain re-entry papers for the US and elected to go into exile in Mexico; Arrived in Mexico on July 27, 1939 aboard the Mexique; On his immigration paperwork he stated that he was a natural born citizen of Spain; Returned to USA through El Paso, Texas, January, 1940; d. February 1984, NYC.
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