Valdez Cofino, Justo.


k-Valdés Cofiño, Julio César (Valdez, Cofino; Cofino Valdez, Justo); b. September 13, 1903, Jagüey Grande (Matanzas); Afro-Cuban; Joined the Cuban Army in 1921; Graduated from the Military School after 4 years of study; Rank Teniente, Served 2 years in the Coastal Artillery then transferred to Cavalry, left the Army in 1933; Joven Cuba and Cuban CP; Was part of the first group of Cuban volunteers recruited by the Cuban CP which departed April 15, 1937 (sailed aboard the Vollendam); Served with the 46th Division (El Campesino), 101 BDE, 2nd BN, Co. 4, Commander, Rank Captain (Major); KIA Brunete during an artillery bombardment on July 18, 1937, at Brunete.
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