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Krstovek/Delia Croce, Romano (Croce, Della); b. May 29, 1907, Pula/Pola, (present day Croatia.); To the US 1926; South Slav; Father Giuseppe Krstovek; Seaman and Maritime cook CP; To Spain in February 1938; Served in the Garibaldi Brigade, 1st BN, Co. 1; Served in the Ebro Offensive; Wounded in action at Caspe, severely injured in left leg; Left Spain and crossed into France in February 1939 and was confined in Argelès-Sur-Mer, Gurs, and Vernet; Transferred to Italy where he was sentenced to internal exile and confined in Ventotene; After the Italian fascist regime fell he returned to Trieste; Was living in Trieste in August 1943, twice stopped by the Nazis and maintained contact with the resistance.
Source: Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore; Italian-American Volunteers From Istria and The Slovenian Hinterland of Trieste, From Appendix E in John Peter Kraljic’s The Croatian Community In North America and the Spanish Civil War.