Argites, Louis Elias.


k-Argites, Louis Elias (ΑΡΓΙΤΗΣ, ΗΛΙΑΣ [ΛΟΥΗΣ]), b. Spetsis, Greece; Greek American; 3 months prior military service; Truck Driver and Mechanic; CP 1935; Sailed December 26, 1936 aboard the Normandie; Arrived in Spain on January 6, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, WIA Jarama (foot and head); Lincoln-Washington BN, Belchite; After Belchite was offered a chance to return to the US but refused the offer; Platoon leader? Co. 1,; (possibly served in the 16th Regiment of the Republican Army); Killed in action October 13, 1937, Fuentes de Ebro.
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