Vallarino, Luigi.


Vallarino, Luigi b. May 28, 1900, Savona, Italy, to the US in 1922; Jumped ship from the steamboat Generale Petitti; Italian American; Father Angelo Vallarino, mother Maria (Faustin) Vallarino; Boiler Maker; Communist; Domicile New York; To Spain in February 1937; Served with the XII “Garibaldi BDE”, 3rd BN, Co. 1, political delegate; Served at Huesca, Brunete, Fuentes de Ebro, Estremadura, and Ebro Offensive; Wounded in action on the Ebro; Left Spain and crossed into France on September 18, 1938 and was confined in Argelès-Sur-Mer, Gurs, and Vernet; In 1941 he was transferred to Italy and sentenced to internal exile at Ventotene.
Sources: RGASPI; CPC; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.