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Magranet Iglesia; Juan (Magraner, Iglesias; Magranes);  b. May 8, 1909, Havana, Cuba; Cuban American; Driver and Restaurant Worker; CPUSA, Executive Bureau Club Julio Antonio Mella; Domicile 80 5th Avenue, (actual address may have been 999 Simpson Street, Bronx), NYC; Food worker’s industrial union; Was supposed to leave with one of the first groups of volunteers in January 1937 but was diagnosed with a hernia; After his operation and recovery he left in March; Crossed the Pyrenees which caused issues with his recently healed surgical site; Arrived in Spain April 22, 1937; Initially remained in Figueres to act as an interpreter and staff officer, he remained in the position for a year; Then transferred to the 40th Division, 124th Brigade Mixed, and served in the 2nd Group Artillery, Anti-tank battery; Rank Sargento (Teniente); Served at the Ebro Offensive; At the close of the war he crossed at Port-Bou into France on February 9, 1939 and was placed in the French concentration camp of Argelés–sur-Mer; Returned to Cuba sailing from Le Havre on May 13, 1939 aboard the Orduña and arrived in Cuba on May 27, 1939; Suffered from severe lung infection that prevented him from working for more than six months after his return..
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Photographs: Juan Magraner in Spain, cubanosenlaguerracivil.blogspot; Albacete #178, undated, CEDOBI.